Obtaining Loans Via
Australian Banks

Whether our partners require an offshore or Australian bank loan, MTF has the experience and insight necessary to make the process as efficient as possible.

We have aided many investors in obtaining loans via Australian banks and foreign currency loans and have an inveterate understanding of the requirements of various lenders.

Foreign Currency Loans

Investors in the Philippines and Asia in general, looking to invest or refinance property in Australia can explore Foreign Currency loans in partnership with MTF.

These loans offer competitive rates and the flexibility offshore investors need to navigate currency fluctuations. Due to the detail work inherent in foreign currency loans, going it alone can be intimidating for investors. This is where MTF steps in, providing the professional insight investors need to get the best rates.

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Speak with an MTF professional today to explore your Foreign Currency Loan options.

Australian Home Loans

MTF also provides guidance for those interested in pursuing an Australian home loan. Navigating this option is can be complicated by Australian Taxation Law.


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