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Solid Investment

Sometimes getting in on a solid investment means contracting to purchase a property before or during construction. This approach is known as “buying off the plan” and provides a range of advantages, not the least of which is getting in early on a profitable opportunity.

Best Opportunities

Buying off the plan does require know-how, however, and many investors in the region partner with MTF to find the best opportunities in tandem with the best developers.

Contacting Us

Explore all of your options when it comes to buying off the plan by contacting us and partnering with MTF today.

Success Business

For investors wishing to invest in completed stock, MTF is also in the best position to help. We are NOT Property Developers. The MTF system is based soeley on finding the best opportunities for our clients to ensure success and repeat business. MTF will fit your needs as we can source the stock best suited to your situation.

What You Get

Better Pricing

Getting in early often means taking advantage of lower prices and the best stock.

First Choice

By being an early investor you often get access to the apartment or home of your choice.

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